The Golden Secrets Essential Oil by Jesse Golden

I am long overdue to feature The Golden Secrets Oil in my blog. It was created by my closest friend, yoga teacher and holistic practitioner, Jesse Golden. Ever since I’ve known her Jesse never used conventional perfumes yet always smelled like she just walked out of a Spa. For years Jesse’s been making a unique blend of essential oils for personal use, and now her signature creation, The Golden Secrets Oil, is available for sale.    11054792_10152731447203848_1870065394863484100_n

Jesse says the tantric magic of this blend originated from Roman folklore, used as an attraction oil or aphrodisiac to stimulate romance. It’s signature aroma helps to strengthen the mind and body, guide you inward, attain clarity and focus.

My boyfriend and I have been using the oil for a while now, and the scent is different on each of us. The oil will adapt to your own body chemistry to create a secret aroma,  just as unique as you.

Does it really entice the romance? It does for us, but you would have to personally explore that subject.

What really makes it special is not just the scent alone, but the intention and the energy that goes inside of each bottle. It’s a very small production, Jesse bottles the oil herself by hand, and blesses every single one of them with tantric chants.

The oil bottle is 5 ml, and it my look a bit small, but trust me, it will go a long way. It’s pretty strong, so you only need a few drops.

What does it smell like? Well, the exact formula is Jesse’s secret, but I sense citrus, floral and earthy top notes.  It’s not heavy or musty, and  gives you an instant clean feeling,  keeps you refreshed and energized all day long.

A lot of people underestimate the power of essential oils.  You don’t have to be a hard core yogi to reap the benefits of it. A scent can easily influence people’s moods and emotions, and affect work performance.

Personally, scent is a very powerful memory trigger for me. I enjoy creating happy memories that are linked to the use of the oil. And if I’m having a bad day, once I inhale my Golden Secrets Oil it instantly brings back the happy times associated with the smell and puts a smile on my face.


My girl friends and I love the oil, and use it more than in just one way. Here are a few of MY FAVORITE USES OF THE GOLDEN SECRETS OIL:

  •  As an all natural every day unisex perfume – Dab 2-4 drops on the inside of your wrist. Then rub inside of wrists together and delicately rub wrists on the sides of the neck and behind your ears…and just below the navel, if you desire.
  • Use it during meditation and yoga practice to find your focus and balance.
  • Apply during your morning affirmations.
  • As a scent enhancer for your body lotion or massage oil – I love putting a few drops in my Kiels lotion bottle to make it more special.
  • As a room fragrance – Just put a few drops in your aromatherapy oil diffuser .
  • As a car freshener – I use it in aromatherapy car diffuser to stay calm and patient in LA traffic.
  • As a laundry fragrance – Place 2 drops on a cloth and place in the dryer for great smelling clothes.

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Visit to purchase.

As a gorgeous model, devoted mother, holistic practitioner and a yoga teacher, Jesse is a true inspiration for so many people. She shares her light and a life journey in her blog . Be sure to follow her for wellness tips and spiritual advice.

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My Summer Festival Essentials – Part 2

I am so happy my readers found my last week’s post helpful and informative! Here are a few more products that were very handy to have around during three days of Coachella.

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1.  Essential Oil

I got so many compliments on my scent during the festival! Using a perfume filled with chemicals is soooo 2014!   I find that a drop of an all natural essential oil is a much better fit for your summer outdoor adventures. The oil adapts to your own body chemistry, creating it’s own unique scent on everyone who wears it. It’s unisex, and you only need one drop to feel refreshed, inspired and sexy.

product_largeFullSizeRender (13)








The Golden Secrets Oil was created by my dear friend Jesse Golden. Made from the organic ingredients, bottled with love. $33 at


2. Hand Sanitizer

In a place filled with thousands of people and a shortage of flushable bathrooms, hand sanitizer is a must have! You may want to skip having to stand  in a long  bathroom line just to be able to wash your hands.

While packing for Coachella I was sure to take a trip to Whole Foods to get my favorite EO Sanitizer Spray. EO products  have a great all natural line of hand sanitizers.



You can choose between lavender (my favorite), peppermint, or sweet orange scent.

Their 0.33oz spray bottle is a great size for your purse, 2oz bottle is perfect to keep in your car. I love the price too : $1.99 and $4.99 at


3. Tush Wipes

Everyone has a box of wipes in their personal bathroom at home. What about when you are on the go, and the space in your purse is very limited? Individually wrapped Tush Wipes by Pure Touch Skincare  is your answer. Be sure to get the chemical free version: Tush Wipes Naturals, that is hypoalleregenic and paraben free. You can get a box of 24 for $6.70 on Amazon, your tush will thank you!

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